Our Experience with Blue Apron

This post was in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Blue Apron, we are just writing about our experience using the program!

Our relationship with Blue Apron is love-hate. What we love:

  1. We get to try new foods that we would normally not try… and actually end up enjoying most of them!
  2. The food comes perfectly portioned for 2 so there is no waste.
  3. The meals are – for the most part – hardy and include a nice portion of meat and enough for two whole adult meals.
  4. All the food is very fresh and good quality (organic, free-range, ect.)

What we don’t love so much:

  1. At $60 for 6 meals ($10/meal), it is reasonable, but a little more than we like to spend vs going to the grocery store.
  2. Sides tend to be repeated week-after-week although the main entree changes. I’m glad the program makes us eat more kale, but there is only so much kale a person can take!
  3. There is some flexibility in selecting the meals; there are 6 total options but some options can only be paired with others. For example, after selecting the catfish your remaining entrees may be narrowed down to 2 just based on the ingredients that are included.

Overall, we like to order Blue Apron once ever month or two just to mix things up from our normal weekly meals. They are fairly easy to make (I would say more intermediate, but the instructions are great!), and are a great way to spend time together in the kitchen.

Sincerely, Jessica @ Simply Suzy Homemaker


How do you feel about Blue Apron or other meal programs?


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