Why Downsizing helped my Cleaning Routine

I will scream it from a mountain top all day long, downsizing and simple living has greatly increased our quality of living in almost every aspect of our lives!

I used to think that the more stuff I had, the more prepared I would for any given situation including cleaning and homemaking.

I used to love my cupboard filled to the brim with cleaning supplies, but since we’ve simplified and also downsized our cleaning supplies I find cleaning so much simpler.

Not only did we get a rid a lot of our cleaning supplies, but we also switched to more natural products like vinegar and green cleaners.

Things we no longer need after downsizing our cleaning supplies:

  1. Clorox wipes. This was a hard adjustment at first, but overall we cut down on cleaning costs and get by just fine without them.
  2. Glass cleaner. The bathroom mirrors in our rental home are fairly small and it took us years to go through a bottle of glass cleaner anyways. We now buy a multi-purpose spray that works on windows & mirrors.
  3. Dusting spray. I honestly never understood dusting spray… now I use a swifter duster combined with a microfiber cloth sprayed with multi-purpose spray and it works great!
  4. Bleach. I used to be obsessed with my home smelling like bleach meaning it was clean as a whistle, but have since switched to more natural cleaners like vinegar for our clothes and my handy multi-purpose spray which is also antibacterial.
  5. Fabric softener. Again, i’m not sure why we used this anyways. Our clothes are just as soft and we safe a ton of money and shelf space.

Overall, we transitioned from a cupboard full of cleaning supplies, to just a few natural cleaners that we actually use on a daily basis.


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