How we Simplified our Closets

Simplifying our closets was one big step we took to simplify our lives overall (and one that I would highly recommend).

It used to be hard for me to get rid of clothes, even if I hadn’t warn the item in a while thinking that I would need it SOMEDAY. Except in most cases “SOMEDAY” never came.

We were keeping so many clothes that we very rarely or even never wore (I know almost everyone can relate to finding an item of clothing with the tag still on it months or years after originally buying it).

When you first walk up to your closet, the task of downsizing can seem daunting or impossible.

Its important to go into the task with some things in mind to help take the first step of getting rid of clothes you no longer need.

  1. Does it fit? If it does not fit, get rid of it. So many of us set goals and hope that smaller clothes will fit again one day, but in most cases if your clothes outgrow you, you end up getting new clothes anyways.
  2. Have you worn it in the last year? Think back a whole year (to encompass all seasons). If you didn’t wear that sweater all winter it is time to find it a new home.
  3. Do you love the way you look in that piece of clothing? If the shirt doesn’t make you feel like great, donate it and find a new one that does!
  4. How many similar items do you have? Think variety and get rid of the excess. If you wear business casual 5 days per week, consider keeping 5-7 outfits that can be mixed-and-matched. If you go to the gym 3 days per week, keep 3-4 gym outfits, etc. There are only 7 days per week and most of us do laundry more frequently than once week, anyways. There is no need to own 20 t-shirts….

IMG_6348The bottom line is that its important to keep only the items you really love and that fit well.

Its so much easier waking up in the morning and trying to decide on an outfit when you only have items that you really love in your closet. All the extra clothes were taking up so much space and making it difficult to see through the clutter every morning to find something to wear.

We also highly recommend donating your used clothes to a local shelter or donation center! We also find a lot of our clothes at used clothing store, which is both cheaper and helps with our environmental footprint.

What are your experiences with downsizing your closet?


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